Tanzania Vlog

In June I travelled to Tanzania on an International Budget Project fellowship to work with Policy Forum, a group of NGOs in Tanzania that work to promote transparency in government.

The core focus of my work was to develop open-source solutions for communication design, as well as to foster open communications amongst member organizations using wireless technologies.

New Dart Art

Created New Art for my Augmented Dart Game thesis project. The previous characters were “cute”, and user testing showed that teens related to them, but the focus got away from the emergent behaviour, which is the core of the game. Now focussing on creating a more cohesive system, where the creatures relate visually with their environment. And they’re prettier.

Forward Kinematics for Animating Hand-Drawn Art.

Built an applet for testing out the character art for the Augmented Dart Game project. This allows the cells to morph and move around specified joints and armatures, while retaining their hand-drawn aesthetic.