Forward Kinematics for Animating Hand-Drawn Art.

Built an applet for testing out the character art for the Augmented Dart Game project. This allows the cells to morph and move around specified joints and armatures, while retaining their hand-drawn aesthetic.

Beautiful Accident: Ghosts

I was coding in a tail made out of circles from 2 to 0.1 radius (was trying to make them look like sperm since I think the new game name will be Fertile Ground), when all of a sudden, the boids came out looking like ghosts. Having two body segments that have connective tissue looks extremely expressive, and pulls the feeling away from single-celled organisms. Trying to figure out a game narrative that takes a critical look at conception. Something to do with intelligent design?

The offending chunk of code after the jump:

The trick: I used


instead of


(which is defined as 15)…

	for(int i=TAIL_LENGTH-1;i>=0;i--){

Flocking Algorithms…

Ported Daniel Shiffman‘s Processing implementation of Craig Reynold‘s Boids program into openframeworks.

Elastic Easing in Processing

Ported Robert Penner’s elastic ease into processing.

Animated Embed and Source Code after the jump…

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Source code: elastic

Built with Processing


Robert Penner’s Easing Equations have been built into Flash since version 6 or 7 as the Tween class (search your Flash directory for But before those days, we had to do things manually. Penners equations in Actionscript are available for download here, with a nice little application to visualize each one here. This is great for when you need to port tweening into a different language like Processing or Openframeworks


Vector Fields…

Vector fields are how I can get the little digital creatures in my game to avoid walls and darts more intelligently. While the gravitational algorithms I’m using are great, they are somewhat limited in terms of how I can get creatures to avoid complex objects.

Enter vector fields:

Here we have an expired patent for a video game that uses vector fields to simulate intelligence in digital opponents. Found it on this awesome blog by Christer Ericson, Director of Tools and Technology at Sony Santa Monica (the God of War team).

–via [ – the blog]

Vector fields in Openframeworks []

top image from higgs2007 via [flickr]