High Speed Rotary Encoding into Unity

Particles from the Cutting Room Floor

Endless Knots

For the Spring issue of Sub Rosa’s La Petite Mort, I coded up a four page spread of tricked out geometry in openFrameworks, inspired by the issue’s theme of karma, and wrote about the process of doing just that. Shoutout to @thejoshuablack and @lucymatch for putting together the interactive version of the piece.

Photomosaic Video Processing

Elements 2016

Eight new generative Instagram-ready animations in Processing, representing elements of design and nature. Dots, lines, planes, ribbons, noise, belts, spheres and petals.

Music by jithknot.

Making of images and repo link after the jump.

Tiled Rendering in Processing


Circles 3(source)

2 more inside.

Also: Instructions on how to create animated GIFs with Imagemagick in Ubuntu…

One Week series


High resolution imagery created from watching DOT traffic cameras. 10,078 snapshots of a street corner in midtown Manhattan. Another image and process description inside.

Sketching NYC DOT Cameras in Openframeworks


Source available on Github.

Simple Point Patterns


Using Processing.org to plot pixels in black and white. Source on Github.

Props at FITC 2015

Thanks Pietro!