One Week series


High resolution imagery created from watching DOT traffic cameras. 10,078 snapshots of a street corner in midtown Manhattan. Another image and process description inside.




The process for creating these images is the following:

  1. Create an Amazon AWS instance to download traffic camera image.
  2. Create a cronjob to grab an image every minute.
  3. Wait a week.
  4. `rsync` the images to a local machine
  5. rename all the images in the folder to be easier to work with (gist)
  6. generate slitscans using imagemagick, same as I would from a video source (as in the second image above).
  7. Slowly scan down each image, grabbing a single line of pixels at a time, as in the first image above (gist)





See more slitscan images or read more about how to create slitscan images from a video source.