Creating Slit Scan Images from Quicktime Movies with FFMpeg on Mac OS X



I have been filming out the window of subways lately and have come up with a foolproof method for creating slit scan images out of these vignettes. I use an iPhone 5s held in portrait mode, so the instructions below include a rotation of the video before compositing.

If they’re not already installed, install ffmpeg and imagemagick using Homebrew:

$> brew install imagemagick
$> brew install ffmpeg

What’s in a Title?

The most common words in artwork titles. Click the words to view the works, or select the filters below to highlight themes.

Interactive Version after the jump.

Art Averages by Decade

The averages of artwork images by decade of interest. Inspired by Pat David.

Structures Redux

These 32 generative images (used as the background of this site) were inspired by the previous 16 Crystalline HTML Structures, use a custom OpenGL application, written in openFrameworks, to render generative patterns. The application (Github link) can also output Postscript vector files for high-resolution print output.


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Convert a quicktime movie to animated gif with ImageMagick on OS X

First install Imagemagick with Homebrew with

brew install imagemagick


$> mkdir frames
$> ffmpeg -i -r 30 frames/$image%03d.jpg
$> convert frames/*.jpg anim.gif

Kaliedescope GIF in CSS

View on Codepen:

17,747 Unsorted Works of Art

Download the 287 megapixel original [23MB ZIP]

Glass Walls GIF

Dots in Motion

dots in motion from Cameron Browning on Vimeo.

Boids in HTML5

Interactive version after the jump, or go straight to Codepen.