Punk Rock Keypad

The Punk Rock Keypad explores the meaning of individuality in the context of eroding privacy and increased digital publicity. The device uses exposed safety pins to transmit serial data to a wired network worn on the body. A wireless transmitter embedded in the jacket communicates with a mobile phone using special software that allows the wearer to communicate more expressively. Oi!

link: Punk Rock Keypad @ Ars Electronica 2007
photos: Punk Rock Keypad on Flickr

*update* Punk Rock Keypad featured in PC Magazine as part of the “Future of Technology” Feature in the Jan 2008 issue. You can view it as part of an interactive slide show here.

Supervillian Dartboard

The current Dartmaps prototype catches input from darts with infrared LEDs in them and can control Google Earth through a variety of methods. This allows users to navigate and interact with Google’s geographic database with more aggressive and supervillainous interaction.

Youtube Drive-In Theater

Leave Britney Alone!

Youtube video block party, Bushwick, Brooklyn 02 Oct, 2007.

more photos after the jump.

Don’t Tase Me Bro

Dubya gives Bushwick the finger

CodePlay: Steadman

A particle-system writing tool by Mike Edwards and myself. As seen in Brooklyn.

Mowat Mapping Siberia

A Google Earth-based chronicle of Canadian author, Farley Mowat’s journey to Siberia in the 1960s.

check it


Down with IMG

This “pixelfucker” server script takes raw images and creates HTML tables out of them. Images with no IMGs!
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