Puck Game – Fire & Ice

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Fire and Ice is the gameplay mechanic I hope to explore with the Physically Augmented Computer Game. Its a simple shuffleboard-style game using physical pucks that are slid into the center of the board. After crossing the blue or orange lines, your puck either catches fire or freezes (virtually). If a fire piece knocks an ice piece, they cancel each other out. The goal of the game would be to finish 10 turns with the most fire or ice pieces left in the playfield.

Feedback: Fire and Ice motif should be kicked up more. A subtle narrative could be employed to create a sense of urgency. For example, its Earth you’re trying to heat up or cool down.

The idea of that also gives a clear visual indicator of what the object of the game is (hit the earth)…. while strategy will come in later. With the original idea, its kind of unclear as to what you want to do on the first turn.

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