CV Spree results

I got the Sony SSC-M183 camera ($80) and a manual focus/iris lens ($30) from Canal Alarm (link, map). I had to get the lens because the camera doesn’t come with one. Evan Roth has mentioned in the past that its good to have an auto-iris manual iris (Thanks Theo) on a camera when doing tracking.

I also picked up the Canopus ADVC110 from J&R (link, map).

I haven’t had a chance to test this setup in openframeworks/processing yet, but I will post the results as soon as its working (or not).

Still need to pick up:

  • IR filter: 75mm Wratten-87C infrared filter (on Zach Lieberman’s recommendation)
  • 12V DC power supply (required for the M183 Camera)

  • BNC to RCA adapter

  • Composite video cable

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