To create an engaging computer game experience that uses a combination of physical and digital elements to change gameplay in real-time.


A physical installation resembling the shape and size of cocktail-style arcade machines. This form affords gaming in a social context, and provides a horizontal surface for physical interaction between players and the game-space.


The game’s housing will be constructed out of a wooden frame with medium-density fiberboard panels. Inside, an Infra-Red security camera connected to a USB capture device will be used to capture the locations of the physical elements of the gameplay. A Mac Mini computer will process the information from the camera, and drive the visual display. A projector mounted in the table will aim downwards toward a mirror, which will reflect the image onto the tabletop from below (this is to increase the throw distance, and thus, the size of the projected image). By illuminating the translucent tabletop from below with infra-red light and coating the undersides of the “pucks” with reflective paint, they should show up clearly without interference from the projected image on the table’s surface. Digital pushbutton controls will be mounted on opposite ends of the table to give players control over their characters in the gamespace.

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